Ecopreneur mum launches eco cleaning box during lockdown

Some 45% of consumers actively buy products that are better for the environment.

Amelia, a stay-at-home mum of four, founded a new sustainable cleaning box subscription service during the height of the pandemic. Bide boxes was formed to answer two problems; how can we live more sustainable lives and how can we help rebuild communities during this Covid crisis?

Bide boxes contain one month’s supply of vegan and plastic free cleaning essentials. Many of the items have been made by hand by bide home manufacturing (bhm). Bide home manufacturing is an on-demand workforce operation that empowers its producers to work from home whilst supplementing their income.

Amelia is currently working with producers in Manchester and Glasgow. She sends them the raw natural materials and provides the recipes and training for each item. They then return the completed eco goods to her where she assembles each box by hand.

The vision is to roll-out bhm across the UK, focusing on those areas that have been worst hit by the pandemic.

“I have been wanting to launch an eco-venture for a number of years,” says Amelia, “and when lockdown was rolled-out I realised that we have to start now. The climate crisis is worsening and the pandemic has highlighted how vulnerable our communities are.”

The public support for eco companies is growing exponentially. According to Globaldata, 45% of consumers actively buy products that are better for the environment, but more importantly, 41% claim that they are interested in buying these products but do not actively buy them, highlighting that there is potential for change.

The Covid onslaught has bolstered interest in local suppliers and delivery companies which bide boxes talks to, with its local producers and box subscription to customers’ doorsteps.
Amelia enjoyed a 20 year high-profile corporate media career and gave it up to start this venture. She juggled home-schooling her two infant children whilst also caring for her toddler and 6 month baby. The support and positive reviews she received from her first customers has really helped her pursue this dream. “It really feels like a community effort to get this start-up going. I am determined to get our boxes delivered nationwide to help people upgrade to eco-conscious lives whilst supporting communities”.
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