A house is not a home without lush houseplants

Jody from Swindon’s Rosy Lea Florist on choosing the right plants for every room in the house.

Hey, I’m Jody, owner and founder of Rosy Lea Florist. Rosy Lea was established in 2014 and up until recently we had a popular high street store in Wroughton. We have just relocated to our home studio in Swindon and couldn’t be more excited for the next chapter of Rosy Lea Florist.

The way people shop is changing and so is the high street, we’re introducing many new ways to bring plants and florals to the public without the need for a store.

I'm going to talk about all things plants and share my passion with you all. I am a houseplant enthusiast, my partner would argue its excessive but hey, I’ve learnt to sneak them in! My passion for houseplants just continues to grow and my collection is nearing around 40 now - that’s quite tame compared to some!

I could talk about plants all day long so here goes…

I started my collection of houseplants when we moved into our first home two years ago, before then I had never owned a plant! (Believe it or not!) It has taken me a good couple of years to study and trial houseplants, with many failures along the way!

Horticulture and floristry are worlds apart but I have learnt firsthand how to care for and nurture plants since having them for my own! I want to use my knowledge to teach people how to really get the most out of their plants!

Houseplants are trendy these days, back before I started to buy them nobody seemed to care, myself included. I remember posting my new plant babies on Instagram and starting a little phase that has just never ended - in fact it’s quite the opposite, people are houseplant mad!

I know I didn’t personally start the houseplant craze, but I think I was maybe one of the first stockists in Swindon bar garden centres to really get people's interests going! I will say though, a plant is not just for Christmas, a plant is forever! (Cheesy but true!) I always say a houseplant is like a baby, the care card will say one thing but what the plant wants and needs will differ completely.

You need to get to know your plants, find out what they do and don’t like, figure out how to make and keep them happy.

So I have listed below a few plants that I have at home and the spaces I keep them in. It is really important when choosing a plant for the home that you pick the right variety based on the environment it is going to be living in.


The Bathroom

Boston Fern - Everyone loves a good fern! This is probably one of my best sellers. These babies love high humidity so a bathroom is the perfect space. In addition they love indirect lighting, the kind you get through a cracked glass window! These little guys will love this environment and they’re great for adding foliage and style to a modern bathroom. Try hanging one from the ceiling in a macramé or placing one on a bath shelf! They need to be kept fairly moist all year round and won’t like to be left too dry.

Succulents - Succulents are a great little plant to dot around to fill any empty spaces or add a bit of interest. I have some in my downstairs loo, in the lounge, in cubby holes and in my son's room. They don’t need much attention or love and come in the most gorgeous pastel shades. The perfect way to add some texture and style to a shelf or small space.


The Lounge

The Dracaena (Dragon plant) - These plants are hardy and super easy to care for! I would imagine every home has one of these - if not then they should have! A staple, reasonably priced, tall houseplant. Perfect for filling an empty corner, adding height and bringing some structure to this living area.

I personally love to couple tall plants with tall pots! For example planters with legs work so well, not only do they increase the height but they add style and simplicity too. They don’t need any direct light and therefore can live quite happily in the lounge where there is likely to be little to no bright lighting. The majority of plants will really dislike direct sunlight and so this should be avoided whenever possible.


The Bedroom

Snake plants - These guys are just the most easy-going fellas around! They need watering only twice a month, they don’t mind low lighting and they really don’t require a lot of attention! (Perfect, right?) They add a great structure to any room, bringing something different and unique with their striking long leaves. The beautiful dark green variety looks fab with a white or plain pot. They are great in any size, if you’re short for space or have a bedside table then opt for a small version - they look so cute!

Pachira Aquatica- My absolute favourite! These plants aren’t something you’d see very often and have a rather striking appearance. With a plaited stem and a bushy top these really are a focal plant for any room. They love indirect light so try and place them near a window, but remember to keep away from the direct sun. They love moisture but don’t like to sit in water for too long.


The Hallway

Epipremnum aureum (Devils Ivy) - A foolproof plant!

This plant is perfect for the bedroom, dressing room or hallway. Chances are the lighting will be fairly average and not particularly bright in these rooms. These plants can tolerate low lighting and can be left to dry between waterings. As well as this you can get trailing varieties that are great for minimal space. Perfect for a hanging shelf or ledge, even from the ceiling! I water mine once a week or so and avoid the direct sun!

String of hearts - This little guy hangs on a shelf in my hallway upstairs and I love the way he cascades down, they don’t need much watering as they’re similar to succulents. They do need bright indirect light but are tolerant of low lighting. A good tip for knowing if they need more light is if they have large gaps between leaves!


The Kitchen

Castanospermum Australe - The Magic Bean Plant!!!

This is one of my favourite plants I own. The little chestnut plant lives in my kitchen on the windowsill, one of my only plants that loves the direct sun. These babies love 6-8 hours of sun a day and need to be watered regularly. Perfect for a bright south-facing window!