How to transform your bedroom into a five-star sanctuary

If it’s good enough for Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill, it’s good enough for Wigwam!



In the heart of London’s elegant Mayfair, Brown’s Hotel is an iconic luxury hotel where history and 21st century sophistication come together. The retreat of choice for royalty, presidents and literary greats over the centuries, Brown’s Hotel is an enduringly distinguished destination in London.

As befits a favourite of Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill, the hotel has very high standards when it comes to rooms, but fear not, they are happy to share their secrets!

With most of us spending more time at home because of lockdown, our bedrooms have become a space that is more than just a place to rest our heads. Creating a relaxing, soothing environment is important, and with this in mind, Olga Polizzi, Director of Design for Brown’s Hotel, has shared a few tips on how to transform your bedroom into a five-star sanctuary.


Bed pillows should be evenly placed and centred on each side of the mattress. They do not need to touch. There should be four pillows on the bed – possibly a combination of down, feathers and non-allergenic pillows. The bedspread should be placed in such a way as to cover the gap between the mattress and the bed base, and the top third of the bedspread should be folded back on itself. The duvet should be pulled up to approximately 25cm from the head of the mattress. Scatter cushions should be centred in front of the pillows, slightly on a slope.

Keep it fresh

Try to open your windows on a regular basis as this not only clears condensation it also freshens the room. Keep the room smelling beautiful, with air freshener, a lovely scented candle or a bowl of potpourri replenished with a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Fresh flowers are a wonderful addition to brighten the space visually and for scent. Of course, freshly washed sheets are always lovely to snuggle in, preferably ironed if possible. One fun tip is to place a few drops of essential oil onto a tissue and draw it into your vacuum cleaner – this ensures a wonderful smell is powered through when vacuum cleaning.

Be house-proud

Keep your bedroom presentable and tidy (imagine you can still invite guests into your home) by getting into a routine each morning of making the bed and tidying the room. If you can do a light tidy up before you go to bed, a decluttered space can help to achieve a better night’s sleep.

Think visually

Introduce a few indoor plants into the bedroom to add a luxurious feeling to the place, as well as fresh flowers. In terms of lighting, switch to a warm yellow bulb, usually referred to as warm white or natural white – this adds an overall warm and cosy atmosphere to the room.

Choose your linens

The best combination of bed linen is 400-thread count and 100% white cotton. This combination is soft and long lasting and can be used all year round. A natural goose feather or goose down duvet at ten togs is suitable for all seasons. For a warmer night (moving from spring to summer), a 100% pure cotton blanket makes a good alternative.

It’s all about the pillows

Our preference for beds at Brown’s is four pillows, two king-size and two standard-size; these are a mixture of feathers (75%) and down (25%).

Create a five-star ‘turndown’ experience

Pull back the bed covers, draw the curtains/ blinds, light a candle (and a chocolate on the pillow is at your discretion). Turn off the TV and radio if you have them in the room, put your mobile phone in another room and create a noise-free space.

After you’ve done all that, you’ll deserve a rest - just don’t mess up your bed again!

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