Design tips from Central Living’s in-house interior experts

Oxford’s go-to interiors emporium tackle myths about colours and space.

Myth number one: dark colours make a room seem smaller.

Whoever started this rumour has stopped many people from being bold with their home decoration.  For a long while now designers have been trying to suppress this myth and convince their clients that, used the right way, dark walls can be surprisingly helpful in making a small area seem more spacious.

A perfect example is this room decorated by Marie Christine Dorner at the L’Appartement by Ligne Roset. It’s not large, but the limits of the room are blurred by the deep paint colour. You have to look very hard to see where the ceiling and the walls meet. Instead your eyes are drawn to the light accents and the decorative details of the room, giving an illusion of distance and therefore a bigger space.

Myth number two: keep it simple.

You can push the boundaries of scale in a space to make it feel more spacious or more cosy.  This bedroom shows a very large bed in a very small room. The bed itself is not making the room seem any smaller than it is.  Nor would having a smaller bed change that. 

Add in some bold patterns, colours and fabrics, and your small, simple room has been given a whole new life.

Imagine this room with plain white walls, a plain rug and a neutral bed - we know for some this sounds like heaven - but this tiny space would loose its sense of cool. Being in this room, the bed is inviting, it's bold, yet still completely relaxing in its encompassing colour scheme.

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