Anchor’s guide to making the most of your self storage unit

Tiana Brown from Swindon’s Anchor Self Storage on how to pack all your worldly goods before the big house move.


So, you are in the process of making that big house move? And now you just need a safe storage facility to store all your possessions before getting the keys to your new dream home.

Your belongings can easily be misplaced in your move if they’re not organised when you begin. A storage unit is a great way to ensure they are safe and all in one place whilst in the moving process. No matter what you decide to pack in your storage unit, the tips below will help you protect everything from your flat-screen TV to your winter coat.

1. Label everything: Before your belongings get lost forever in a sea of boxes, write down a list of what is going into the storage unit. The inventory should include:

- Photos of serial numbers, model numbers, and brand logos, when applicable

- A brief description of the item, including if there is any damage pre-move

- For expensive items, their relative monetary value

- How and where you packed the item (in a box, storage bin, or something else)

As well as this, write on the side of every box with its contents, that way you save yourself from looking through several kitchen boxes to find those large dinner plates

2. Save on space: Time to put those Tetris skills to good use! Try and move your heavy and large items into your unit first, smaller boxes can then be stacked on top. Storage units are around 11 ft high so stacking is key when it comes to saving the most space.

3. Clear the clutter: You would be surprised how many items people donate to charity once they clear out their units and we have great local charities who are happy to take your old furniture, but if you can clear it before you arrive you can save more space and money. Don’t worry, we have a list of great charities onsite if you don’t manage it.




4. Use the right packaging materials: Once you have spent time making your list and organizing, there is nothing more frustrating than a box that splits open when you’re carrying it. Anchor have packing boxes available on site in our Box Shop, but any sturdy packing boxes will help keep your things in the place they should be.

Whilst our units are dry and weatherproof, your items can still collect dust, so dust covers are a great way to add an extra level of protection to your items.

If you need to tape coverings over more fragile items, be careful not to tape directly onto furniture. This could cause accidental paint or fabric removal, ruining the furniture you're trying to safely pack for your storage unit.

When packing white goods/appliances for storage, drain any remaining liquid from the appliance, remove glass shelves or fragile pieces (to be packed separately). To avoid odours, you can place baking soda inside the appliance.

Pay special attention to your electronics. If possible, pack electronics properly by storing them in their original packing. Label and take photos of wires before unplugging them. Then, wrap items in packing paper or household linens to ensure that electronics will be protected if the box they are in is damaged.

When packing clothes for storage, consider using plastic tubs with clip-on lids for ease or vacuum bags for maximum space saving. Try and make sure your clothes are clean and folded to ensure they’re ready for long-term storage.

5. Talk to us: Our reception members are always on hand to answer your questions, help you transfer unit sizes if you ever need it and we always want to get you the best deals! Anchor Self-Storage units offer 24/7 unlimited access via swipe card and are monitored by an onsite security team and CCTV. Storage units range from 15 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft. As the housing market reopens, Anchor is allowing for the extra time transactions may take, by extending our introductory deal, offering a 50% discount on self-storage units for the first 16 weeks.

Just call, email or pop in to see us!


Tiana Brown
Anchor Self Storage UK Ltd Swindon
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